Know Your Workshop Leaders: Steven M. Thomas

September 25, 2008

What can I possibly tell you about Steven M. Thomas that you don’t already know from reading his staff bio at the SCWC main website? Then again, what can I tell you about anyone else, either?

Okay, okay, I promise to do my homework next time. (I’ll harp on this point if I can, because one way to defeat embarrassment is to beat everyone to the obvious punch. Oh, wait, this isn’t about me ….)

(Ahem.) So … what can I tell you? Well, to review, Mr. Thomas will be presenting a workshop on The Power of Perception as well as taking center stage as Saturday morning’s featured speaker. And if you’ve read the newsletter or the aforementioned staff bio, you already know that Mr. Thomas is an award-winning author, diversely published, and enjoying the recent release of his first novel, Criminal Paradise.

But I can also tell you that he has a website, was not an Eagle Scout, and did not sing in the boys’ choir. Of course, you would know these things, too, if you happened to have found his website.

But I promise you, these profiles are not exercises in futility. Think of how cool it will be next time when I get them posted … well, early enough to be of some use to you all.

And speaking of early next year, keep an eye out for his forthcoming novel, Spiritual Criminals, via Ballantine.

Welcome, Steven. Please excuse not only my tardiness, but also my grotesque ignorance.



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