Know Your Workshop Leaders: Iota Publishing

September 25, 2008

Iota Publishing is a regional company, located in Irvine, specializing in fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and suspense; they have a keen interest in authors from the southwestern United States and books set in or associated with the region. It is our honor to be able to name them as part of the SCWC community, and this year brings us a fantastic delegation.

Terry R. Cooper is Iota’s president, who has declared before that “Iota’s mission is about finding new authors”, and we hope they find among our conference attendees a rich harvest to consider. In truth, however, I know very little about Mr. Cooper. What I do know is that he is willing to brave the slings and arrows of internet discussion boards in order to answer people’s questions about his company, and he has won the loyalty of his authors. This is no small feat. We expect good things of Iota’s roundtable workshop on Friday afternoon.

And on the company’s behalf, I can only say good things about editor Kimberly Cole, who I have, indeed, had the honor of meeting. At last year’s conference in Irvine, Ms. Cole reviewed my manuscript and managed at once to give sound advice about character and plot development while showing great respect for my artistic ambitions. I hope that you, too, will find her perspective and advice as helpful as I have.

Nor would their presence be complete without Lorelei Armstrong (In the Face, sched. October, 2008), the aforementioned loyal author, and Raymond Obstfeld (Anatomy Lesson), an Edgar Award nominee and best-seller according to both the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. His second title with Iota, Borrowed Lives is due in bookstores next month. Make sure you’re awake early on Sunday, as he is the morning speaker.

Iota is in a unique position as a young and ambitious company bringing new talent to the market, an ideal fit for the SCWC. You can find them online at their website, blog and … that’s right … MySpace page.


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