Know Your Workshop Leaders: Katie Gilligan

September 22, 2008

Ms. Katie Gilligan, once upon a time, was the “dork on the back of the school bus“, and now works as an associate editor at Thomas Dunne Books.

I know less about her than … well, okay, just work with me here.

But her firm seems to be on a strong run, including David Lynn Golemon’s “Events Group” books (Legend listed in the debuted on the NYT mass-market in July), Liam Durcan’s Garcia’s Heart (which won the prestigious Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel), Steve Hamilton’s Night Work (grabbed a nomination for the Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award) … John Hart (Down River, Barry Award nominee), Thomas B. Cavanagh and Michael Koryta (Head Games and A Welcome Grave respectively, both nominated for the Shamus Award for Best Hardcover Novel), Namita Devidayal (The Music Room, shortlisted for the Shakti Batt Prize) ….

Thomas Dunne Books is a division of St. Martin’s Press that covers a diverse array of subjects and genres. We are, of course, thrilled to have such prestige gracing our humble … oh, right, it’s MSG. Anyway, yes, we are thrilled.

In other words, come and see—and hear—a charismatic and successful editor share her knowledge and perspectives on … um … did I mention I haven’t been paying attention lately? At any rate, the tentative workshop schedule is available online, and is also included in the newsletter you may or may not have received (which is, in fact, the aforementioned online source).

My apologies to Ms. Gilligan; if she has a personal website or blog, I seem to have missed it.



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  1. Wow. Totally unhelpful.

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