Know Your Workshop Leaders: Andrea Portes

September 22, 2008

Any number of sentences might go here. Apologies, sheepish attempts at justification, maybe even some random and empty fortune-cookie philosophy. You know, like, “Soon you will make an important journey“.

Well, duh. Of course you are. To Irvine. At the end of the week. And here I am, yet to start on the one and only thing I wanted to make sure I got done between SD22 and LA6: Know Your Workshop Leaders.

So where to start, then? It seems perversely portentous—and only slightly pretentious—to start by recalling the one profile I finished for this year’s San Diego conference: the inimitably delightful Andrea Portes.

Damn it, I used “inimitable” last time. Anyway ….

In addition to the lavish acclaim drenching Ms. Portes’ debut novel, Hick, the story has also been optioned for screenplay by Steven Siebert (The Lighthouse EMG) and Christian Taylor (Taylor Lane Productions, where Hick currently appears on the front page).

Ms. Portes is exactly the sort of hip young talent with razor wit and daring boundaries (or some might accuse, lack thereof) that can help her fellow writers learn to transcend their own challenges and follow the path to fame and glory untold, or, at least, and perhaps for the better, literary merit. Additionally, for those who need to know, she is into such cool sounds as The White Stripes, Grandaddy, and Radiohead, enjoys stories told in all forms, including silver-screen presentations of Harold & Maude, A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, and Lolita among others, and, apparently, is a vodka tonic.

What’s her sign? In truth, I don’t know. I didn’t find the answer at her website, although it’s entirely possible I overlooked it.

And, frankly, having taken myself out of the loop these last couple months, I have no idea most of our workshop leaders intend to present. Ms. Portes will be bringing us “Kill Your Ego” and “Writing in Bed“, and “All for Naughty: Tackling Taboo Subjects“.

Enlightening, entertaining, and perhaps a few other things that would be impolite to suggest, Ms. Portes brings to SCWC damn near everything you could ask. We’re so happy to have her onboard.


(Update: Out of the loop, indeed. My bad. Really. Hell, if I’d stopped to read through the recent entries here, I would have known to include the excellent news that, as MSG so aptly put it, “Hick‘s hot“. Make sure to pay close attention to whatever she says, so then someday you can say you knew her when she was only kind of famous, instead of mega-super-mondo famous.)


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