I hear rumors ….

September 22, 2008

Okay, a rumor.

While some might consider it inappropriate to be rumor-mongering about future gatherings of the Southern California Writers’ Conference in the week before LA6, I have heard a whisper about a possible discussion of facts, legends, and stereotypes about cops in crime fiction that might take place as early as SD23 in February.

To the other, maybe now is a good time to mention it, because if it seems like a good idea, you might want to drop a hint to MSG and Wes in Irvine this weekend.

For my part, I think it’s an excellent idea. First, we do have some police-related talent in SCWC circles, and no small talent at that. Additionally, while I, personally, have yet to dabble in crime fiction, I recently received notes and a partial outline, as well as a blessing to run with the project—I’m trying to encourage its creator to take on the challenge himself—that is, indeed, tempting. And, well, even setting that aside, it would probably do me some good to clear up a few of the myths. (Don’t ever get me started on the police when I’ve had a couple of drinks; it just isn’t nice, and it certainly isn’t fair.)

I’ve been promised updates on the rumor as it develops—hopefully into fact, else I will look somewhat foolish—and will most certainly share them as they come in.



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