Chaos you can count on

September 4, 2008
MSG for Prez

Call the Situation Room. Looks like the race for the White House just got a whole lot more interesting, as this news segment on the SCWC’s own executive director righteously points out.

Come November, vote Yes MSG!



  1. So, what will be your first act when you take office?

  2. I’m thinking, for the first act, juggling otters on a really big, red muscle ball. Everybody loves an otter. They’re nature’s little Rodney Dangerfield, but with whiskers. They’re kind’ve like Wilford Brimley, if only he was born a Thalydomide child.

    Second act: Mimes with Tourettes Syndrome. Awful, sad, tragic — yes — but funny in a kind, quiet way.

  3. Sad to say, juggling otters and mimes with outbursts could not do any more harm to the country than the current administration… and would be more entertaining.

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