Gordon Kirkland’s beatnik narrative

July 16, 2008

SCWC*San Diego regulars know that author/staffer Gordon Kirkland writes to his own irreverent beat. What many may not know is that he’s one of the cast members of BookTelevision‘s upcoming 3-Day Novel Contest series, which premieres in September. It’s a “reality” show in which a dozen Canadian writers were selected to hole up in a bookstore together and each write a novel from scratch. In 72 hours. It’s like Survivor, but without skinny shirtless people getting wet and whining about their runny guano bulee diet.

Okay, it’s not like Survivor at all because, as we all know, writers don’t whine. They just know a lot about guano.

Regardless, what’s up for grabs is a publishing deal and $5000.00. Though the show was filmed last year the winner won’t be announced until the final episode. In the meantime, here’s some cool video feeds to whet your appetite:

>> Gordon reading an excerpt from his book to the boozy beats of some hep cats lacking berets

>> Video updates from the show itself (update 3, in particular, as this is what author/editor/workshop leader Marla Miller specifically addresses in her session at the upcoming LA6 conference)




  1. Gordon’s always such fun, but after watching “Project Runway”, “Shear Genius” and (my favorite title of all) “Groomer Has It”, couldn’t Canadian TV come up with a better title than, “3 Day Novel Contest”?

    Especially with Gordon involved, I expected a more dramatic title. “The Write Stuff”, “A Novel Idea”… or perhaps, “I’m Write, You’re an Idiot.”

  2. Agreed, Gayle. I’m for the title: “I’m Write, You Suck — For Three Honkin’ Days!”

  3. North of West Bumfuck. Hahahahaaha

    Don’t laugh, I’ve been there.

  4. Good article, thank for sharing

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