“First to Kill” slays PW

July 16, 2008

With all the cutbacks, just getting a book review in Publisher’s Weekly anymore is tough enough. But getting not only your debut novel in PW, but a rave as well? Here’s the write up on SCWC*LA 6 Friday evening speaker Andrew Peterson’s Fist to Kill:

Debut author Peterson kicks off a series in fine style with this complex and action-packed conspiracy thriller. Former CIA sniper Nathan McBride, called in to investigate the disappearance of an undercover FBI agent who happens to be the grandson of former FBI director Frank Ortega, tracks down two homegrown arms dealers/terrorists, Leonard and Ernie Bridgestone, who have a huge supply of Semtex explosive. When McBride kills one of their men, the Bridgestones retaliate by blowing up an FBI headquarters building in California. As McBride chases them down, he discovers that what he thought was a clean-cut case of “catch the terrorist” is anything but, with corruption and twists that connect to Ortega and may involve McBride’s own estranged senator father. Competent, intelligent, cool under pressure and romantically involved with FBI agent Holly Simpson, McBride is an extremely promising hero, and his adventures will be a big hit with thriller fans. (Sept.)

Andrew also made Barbara Vey’s PW blog coverage of last week’s Thrillerfest.  All in all, not a bad week for Andrew.



  1. Congratulations, Andrew! What a great review!

    Altho, I have to say, the “Possibly related posts” that are automatically generated when I post a comment said, “First to kill Andrew Peterson.” Is it a contest? 😉

  2. Gayle, it is most certainly NOT a contest! Although after you read the book, you may feel differently.

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