Ellison being Ellison

July 3, 2008

Roundabout the mulberry bush ….

Anyway, something about this makes me smile. The always-amusing, acerbic as hell Harlan Ellsion discusses the freebie:

Caution: This is an obligatory warning for persons who have never heard Mr. Ellison speak about anything at all, and who also might have delicate palates. Everyone else can ignore this paragraph.

‘Nuff said.

(And let’s all tip our hats to Gayle, who spied this video at Steve Davey’s blog.)



One comment

  1. The funny thing about this clip is that when it was referenced on the Humor Writers discussion group I belong to, it unleashed a hailstorm of debate over the merits of writing for free versus being paid. I’ve never seen so many people uphold their right to give away their work because “writing is a hobby.”

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