Former CityBeat editor releases novel

June 13, 2008


Well it’s starting to look like being my friend is a good luck charm for having your book published. My good buddy, and former CityBeat/SLAMM editor, Troy Johnson, has just released his debut novel, Family Outing, on Arcade Publishing – making a total of three pals who have released books on big time publishing companies and two of them coming from the SLAMM/CityBeat family.

Basically, Family Outing is about a teenager who, to his utter dismay, learns his mother is a lesbian and how he responds to it both emotionally and intellectually.

Here are some quotes from his first review on Gaywired.com:

“Johnson tells the absolute truth about what having a gay parent was like for him: It was kind of a train wreck.”

“…you will laugh all the way through Family Outing. But be warned: Sometimes your laughter will be the horrified kind. Funny or not, this book may just piss you off.”

“There’s really no way to summarize what’s brilliant about Johnson’s memoir.
Anyone will enjoy it because it’s hilarious, but gay parents and potential parents really ought to read it.”

Troy will read from his novel on June 19 at 7PM Borders in Mission Valley

and June 20 at 9pm at Whistle Stop (book release party)



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