Ultimate Music Challenge = fun!

May 29, 2008

Hey writer friends, wanna see my latest writing project? It doesn’t suck too much.

Ok, so, as I was telling MSG, I’ve been doing this really cool gig at Viejas Casino called the Ultimate Music Challenge. I’m one of the judges. It’s your basic battle of the bands contest, except, there is 30 thousand dollars of prize money on the line.

UMC is an 11 week long concert series at Viejas’ Dream Catcher Lounge. Each night 5 bands compete and the judges pick a winner, who advances to the next round. It’s f*****g fun!

Anyway, aside from the judging, I’m also running a Judge’s Blog for the event . It’s on fire right now. Lots of people are stopping by and chiming in. There’s a great ongoing debate about the fairness of the judges and whatnot. Check it out. I’m kinda proud of it. More importantly, come down to the show itself, join me for a drink. It’s on Sundays from 6pm till about 11ish. Maybe we’ll gamble or something afterward. Who’s in? Michael? Chrissie? BD? Don’t hold on out me!




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