WORDsd.com launches May 1

April 29, 2008

Word San Diego was a free monthly print publication that we lost a few years ago.  That was a sad thing because WSD had become the sole means of finding out nearly anything and everything pertinent to our vast and eclectic community of San Diego writers after we lost the Writers’ Bookstore and Haven back in the day. Well, today I get a notice that David Boyne and his gang of rousing writerly irregulars are back with a new iteration of the paper — and I’m damn pleased to hear it because, in writing, attitude is everything and this gang had plenty of attitude.

It officially launches on May 1st and offers great deals for San Diego writers, booksellers, editors, et al to promote themselves, their services, their pets and everything else writing related — for FREE!  Do check out the site at WORDsd.com for all the skinny and be sure to drop ’em a note to show your support and welcome them back into the fray.

BTW, look at this little ditty I found in the archives: a 2002 interview with Edwin Decker by Terrie Relf.


One comment

  1. Hey Michael:

    I’ve been wondering whassup with you, and then David sent me the notice about WORD being online again, and then I just received a note from him re your “shout out”! Thank you so much. . .

    What’s new with you? What are you working on?

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