April 28, 2008

Okay, a bit of shilling, I suppose, but that’s almost my name. A personal note for everyone actually in southern California. One of my favorite bands is touring next month, and you all better get out to see them.

Floater - Pete, Rob, and DaveFloater is an excellent three-piece variously described as anything ranging from power pop to, in earlier years, metal. Indeed, last fall, Floater opened for Rob Zombie, and their latest CD release is an acoustic show featuring eleven tracks recorded live in Eugene, Oregon.

While the band normally ranges between Chico, California and Seattle, Washington, breaking east to Spokane and Boise on occasion, it is certainly not unheard of that they should stretch their legs in Los Angeles or, once upon a time, Boston. Certainly, though, a show in LA or San Diego is atypical, so I figured to let you all know.

The schedule for California, with the standard note that all information is subject to change:

  • May 23 — San Diego — Brick By Brick
  • May 24 — Los Angeles — The Roxy (opening act)
  • May 27 — San Luis Obispo — Downtown Brewing Company
  • May 29 — San Francisco — Red Devil Lounge
  • May 30 — Sacramento — Marilyn’s
  • May 31 — Nevada City — NCSCC

Okay, so not all of those are in southern California, but there’s no harm in it. Those of you who are from Chico, though, probably already know about the shows Floater has scheduled on May 3 (The Senator) and 4 (El Rey). And if you don’t, what’s your excuse?

My point being: see this band. You’ll be glad you did. Earplugs are recommended, as with any rock show.


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