Celebrating the dead

April 28, 2008

I would ask you all to remind me to never get married, except that, frankly, I don’t think it’s going to be much of an issue. For those, however, who do need reminding, look no further than Placentia’s own Gayle Carline and the friends she made back in Dayton, Ohio. I wish I could say something about how she never thought that moment would see the light of day, something to strike the fear of God into her, but the truth is that she actually volunteered this information and, truth told, she’s got a good delivery and a great recovery.

Our Angel of the O.C. can be found starting at around 2:47.

And, Gayle, you’re on notice. You’re giving the opening night speech at Irvine this year. Okay, it’s your call, I guess: five minutes in front of the room or a half hour listening to MSG. (I’ll have Edwin tell Wes to break the news gently.)



  1. BD, are you daring me to perform my master sonnet, “Ode to a Slick Neti Pot in Two Acts with One Naked Agent,” before opening night intros?

    If a half-hour is truly insufficient time to spend imbibing of my aural body syllabic, I’ll do the hour and a half. Hell, I’ll fill two hours. Who needs speakers? All the conference really needs is an audience

    And for Gayle Carline, Uncut:

  2. Now that would be something to see, good sir. Maybe we could reserve that for the Saturday night speaker introduction. Have Edwin recite his prize-winning satire on Sunday.

    But zounds, you’re fast. The uncut video went up yesterday as far as I can tell. I didn’t know. (Sob!)

    Oh, hey … is Wes the naked agent?

  3. The only way Tim would let me see my entire performance was to post it on YouTube. I might have been a little comatose that night, as this was my first foray into stand-up. Gordon Kirkland was the emcee, altho Tim didn’t post any of his intros.

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