Anatomy of a bad query letter

April 25, 2008

From the Guide to Literary Agents blog is this little piece: “Anatomy of a Bad Query Letter: When a Good Idea Gets Buried and Good Intentions Go Wrong,” from Chuck. (I don’t know who Chuck is.)

Initially, my thinking was it’s waaay too deliberately contrived, simplistic and sophomoric an example to post here on the SCWC blog. On second glance, however, the query letter used as an example is one that time and time again I’ve actually come across, in one iteration or another, and in fact runs rather rampant in the industry from emerging writers not yet firmly grounded in the business.

Chuck did a good job critiquing it. A worthwhile read.



  1. I’ve written several that were at least that bad, altho I knew enough not to make up accolades…

  2. I’m Chuck.

    Thanks for the link!

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