Pop quiz: Analogies

April 16, 2008

A friend put this one to me today. I still can’t answer it:

Caricature is to character as _____ is to story.

Anyone? Anyone?

The first thought to mind was satire, but that answer is insufficient. In this case, it seems to me, satire is a subdivision of _____.

Of course, I could very easily be wrong in any direction.

Anyway, it’s your turn. Thank ye, and enjoy.




  1. How about “suspense” ?

  2. My first thought was “outline.”

  3. BD, you are on the right track. And yes, satire is insufficient, but I can’t think of the parent category “satire” falls under either.

    Oh, wait, I got it.

    Caricature is to character as storiature is to story.

    YES! Nailed it!

  4. See, and I was thinking about how a caricature takes the basic characteristics of someone and highlights the best/worst of the view… like you could take an outline and stretch it this way and that to fit your purpose.

    Or is that the agent’s job?

  5. as Exaggeration is to Story

  6. ooh ooh! wait! Parody! Parody is to Story. Ok that’s my final answer.

  7. oooh, perfect, Michelle!

  8. yes, I vote parody as well

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