Speaking of Decker…

April 15, 2008

Ed Decker at SD22…(as usual), here’s a shot of him preparing to gong the ceremonial opening gong of the advance submission one-on-ones at SD22. Notice him being his sly, bad self by trying to simultaneously flash both the universally known author-gang AND even more challenging S-C-W-C-author-gang street hoodie finger flash with only one hand — a feat no writer known to me has managed to pull off while glibly striking the ceremonial gong. Yo.

Does he make the needed magic? You be the judge.




  1. Looking good, Ed!

  2. yes, that was a particularly difficult combo that I worked on with my trainer for several months before the event. I thought it was ok, but the judges all gave me Nines (except the Iranian judge of course, who, for some reason, only gave me 3).

  3. I would’ve thought the Iranian judge could cut you a little slack – you were, as I recall, sick as a dog.

    Should I pack more drugs for La-Irvine? (They were cold meds, you narcs out there.)

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