“First to Kill” slays ’em

April 15, 2008


Author Andrew Peterson, former conferee gone bigtime author with his debut thriller, First to Kill (Dorchester, Sept. 2008), is one of our special guest speakers for the upcoming conference in Irvine.  Totally on top of his game and already garnering mucho blurbs for his terrific debut novel, Andy’s showing all the marketing savvy required to launch a book keenly in this increasingly noisy world of electronic distration by having a great website to support it to begin with.  Visit AndrewPeterson.com and openly imbibe.

Good job, Andy, and kudos to SCWC staffer, author/freelance editor Laura Taylor for the always excellent assist!




  1. Michael, wow! Thank you for a nice review. Quite unexpected, but really appreciated. You and Wes are the best. I look forward to Irvine and many more “round table” late night chats with good friends and good pizza.

  2. Agreed, Andrew has a very dynamic site.

  3. Wow!! What a fantastic site! Fun, exciting, unexpected and thrilling!

    And I can’t wait to read First to Kill! 🙂

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