Arthur C. Clarke (1917 – 2008)

March 21, 2008

I am perhaps the last person on the planet who should attempt to eulogize the late Arthur C. Clarke, who departed the mortal experience earlier this week at the age of ninety.

I saw the movie. I remember reading “The Sentinel” in junior high. And I had an anthology from Famous Fantastic Mysteries that featured “Guardian Angel”, which would eventually become Childhood’s End.

And that’s it. The novels were always something I put off, part of that nebulous list of standards and classics I could always get around to reading. And certainly I still can, but I find myself, for my embarrassing illiteracy, lacking the appropriate words on this occasion of the passing of a literary and scientific luminary.

So you tell us. Memories, favorite stories, wild speculations … who and what was Arthur C. Clarke to you?



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