New Staff Member

January 11, 2008

Hello, Ed Decker here. I just wanted to introduce myself as the newest addition to the Southern California Writer’s Conference team. How did I get so lucky? Well, I weaseled my way in by letting the Executive Director (MSG) beat me in disc golf and by laughing at his mostly annoying jokes.

But I kid the Executive Director.

I am dropping a line to tell you a little about what I’ll be doing for the conference, what my street creds are and how you can contact me.

I am a freelance writer residing in San Diego. SD locals might recognize the name from my column, Sordid Tales, which appears biweekly in San Diego CityBeat magazine. Aside from the column, which has been running for over 10 years, I write feature articles, stories, and interviews for newspapers and magazines around the country. Last November I released a book of something that resembles poetry. It’s called, “Barzilla and Other Psalms.”

As of now, my role with the conference is two-fold. On the weekend of the event I provide assistance via super-human organizational skills and superior people-moving strategies. And I’ll be hosting a poetry workshop. We call it, “Interactive Poetry Cram: On the Page and In Your Face,” which will debut at the upcoming San Diego conference.

Because this is the first poetry workshop for the conference in at least 5 years, what it is and how it operates is a mystery. Do not fret dear friends of the poetic ilk, because in a couple of days I will post more information about the workshop and take your questions, comments and suggestions. In the meantime, you can post your suggestions/questions here, in the comments section.

Stay tuned.

Edwin Decker, Associate
Southern California Writer’s Conference

P.S. A 3 dollar discount on Barzilla is available for WC conferees. contact me for more info.





  1. (Applause)

  2. Ditto!


  3. Hi, Ed! We met at the LA conference in September (or, as I like to call it ‘La Irvine Conference). I read some of your Sordid Tales today and really liked your bold humor while making your point. I, too, am a columnist, for the Placentia News-Times, poking fun at my life, my family, and my city (in the nicest way possible, of course). The link to some of my columns is here: http://www.gaylecarline.com/gclinktocolumn.html

    I’m really looking forward to the San Diego conference, and know that your mad organizational skills will keep me in the right place at the right time. Hell, just say hello to me and I’ll buy you a drink!

  4. Hey Gayle, Hey I remember you. Great to hear from ya. And if saying Hello is all that will get me a free drink then I’m in. Can I say hello to you all night? Do I get a drink for every hello or is it a one hello limit? Tell you what, If I say Hello to you and you say, “What’s up Doc?” in return, then I’ll buy the next round?

    Fun times.

    I checked out your website. Haven’t read a column yet, but will sometime this week. Say Hi to Gordon for me.


  5. Lordy, if we can remember our lines, we can get pretty wasted…

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